Serkan Gülelçin
Konsepto Creative Advertising Agency


We've left 12 years behind.

Since our inception, we have witnessed, time and again, the vital importance of advertising & communication for the SMEs who drive Turkey's economy. We are heartbroken to see that only a minority of local and international agencies are able to provide correct and effective services to the few SME brands that can afford it.We noticed that thousands of local businesses and humble Turkey offices of mighty international brands were struggling to find a team who can truly address their expectations.

And time has proven us right.

Our executive friends, who tried to create the budget for marketing despite the hardships and competition, and worked till morning lights with us... The business owners, that hosted us even in their homes when necessary even if they had to deal with every aspect of their work... I thank you all for trusting us with such a precious and crucial responsibility. We are working day and night not to let you down.

Could the conventional ad agencies be having difficulties adapting their work habits to this new era? Are the limited budgets of advertisers wasted on operating costs and paychecks in big, bulky organizations? Do the benefits claimed by large agencies meet the advertiser's expectations? These are tough questions. Our experiences help us find the rights answers, but perhaps it is more important not to lose courage to ask ourselves these questions and honestly answer them.

Konsepto has always focused on adding value.

To achieve this, we have collaborated with colleagues who are passionate to overreach rather than just getting a mediocre job done; colleagues who love to read, listen and observe. We have been an agency that knows its customers really well, never treat them as sources of income, and always try and transform our collaborations into long-term friendships. Me and my colleagues are committed to make things better and the most important value we offer to you is our company culture, which was created by the hard-work of our treasured team. That very culture has grown and keeps on growing thanks to our clients, who trusted us since our earliest days.

I wish some day, our path crosses with you too. Thanks for taking the time to read this article.



Ümit Özaydın
Ümit Özaydın

Dragoman is a prominent translation agency servicing to Turkey's top 500 companies. Our brand is built upon communication. That's why communication is always precious to us. Konsepto provides top-quality professional services to meet our expectations, while also keeping in mind the specific needs of a medium-sized business. I hope our long-time collaboration lasts for many years to come.

Baha Güler
Baha Güler
McAfee Türkiye

Our company has a sizable digital document library but before we publish these content, they have to be localized according to the needs of our partners and clients. As Konsepto addresses local needs and identifies better ways to reach targeted audience, direct benefits of our work become much more evident. In short, Konsepto is one of the few agencies that can achieve a "accurate and successful localization" while staying faithful to the original meaning. We are happy that we have been working together for almost 10 years.

Yeşim Kıyamçiçek
Yeşim Kıyamçiçek

ICT industry has high-expectations and demands agile responses. As the marketing department of BMR Turkey, we have great responsibilities, especially for the NEC brand.We were aware of Konsepto's experience and success in ICT industry. We have been working with them for over a year with utmost satisfaction. We have an agency that we benefit from its experience in digital and traditional mediums for local and international needs, and who also listens to us patiently and sincerely. I wish them further success.

Sevine Aydemir
Sevine Aydemir
Reuters Türkiye

If you are representing an international brand but not aiming for a nation-wide campaign, your marketing efforts are destined to fail.We were looking for an agile solution partner that could keep up with the communication needs and quality demands of an international brand. Our friends have always helped us with our immediate needs, no matter how big or small they were.That is why Konsepto is a correct and vital business partner for us. We thank you again for your support.


08 July 2018
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