• Our website is done?
Our website is done?
08 July 2018

The production time of a corporate web site sometimes exceeds the site's average life expectancy. The life cycle of the website will be over until the project is done. Now you will say is this the right place to say that here? Let me explain.

Nobody gives attention anymore if you don’t have a corporate website that looks right in the marketing realms, works properly and is not crushed on mobile devices. Because of this, on almost every scale, the brand works diligently to represent itself correctly on the internet. However, when doing so, there is an obstacle that can not be exceeded in front of all projects from the biggest to the smallest.

The content!

All content is always ready for all brands first day. Our content is already done, if not we need just for a few days. Some of them are in the old site or in the old catalogs already.

This important job, which is thought to be the done in the first place, emerges in the later days when it is not so. The project can not be completed for months.

Of course that’s a task of an advertising agency to work from the first day on this job, to complete the deficiencies, produce the innovations, to handle how the visual and audiovisual brand will look and how it will talk, but our customers oftenly neglect it.  The Boss's daughter Zehra, a talented guy Cemil or a young man who works in the corporate communication seems to be better suited for this job. Or everything is the fault of the ex agency.

The marketing content is one of the most important marketing issues we face.

- Leading construction company. But the projects do not have any photos. Even if it was, looks like taken with a "camera obscura". If we want to go and do it now, it's too late. How is it going to be?

- Or the brochures of these products you have imported are really beautiful, but wait a minute, they are not in Turkish. Never been done? Oh I understand.

Effective marketing will only be possible with effective content management. You must cooperate with an advertising agency that can provide this service to you in order to produce, develop, store and access your corporate and marketing content.